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Nirvel Nature Coloring Without Ammonia (100ml)

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Nirvel Nature 100 ml dye is the perfect choice for those who want a natural and hair-friendly hair color.
With its innovative formula free of ammonia, parabens and PPD, this dye offers a gentle and safe alternative for a dazzling color change.

Natural and soft color: Nirvel Nature dye has been carefully formulated to provide soft and natural hair color.
With a wide range of shades available, from bright blondes to deep blacks, you'll be able to find the perfect color to suit your personal style.
Free of ammonia, parabens and PPD: This dye is designed to be respectful of the hair and avoid harsh ingredients.
Its formula without ammonia, parabens and PPD minimizes the risk of damaging or irritating the scalp, providing a softer and more comfortable coloring experience. Complete and long-lasting gray coverage: Nirvel Nature dye guarantees complete and long-lasting hair coverage. Its advanced formula penetrates the hair cuticle and deposits pigment deeply, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting color results. Hair care and protection: In addition to providing exceptional hair color, Nirvel Nature dye also contains ingredients that care for and protect hair during the coloring process.
These ingredients help maintain hair's natural hydration and shine, minimizing damage and leaving it soft and healthy.

Application: Nirvel professional recommends mixing with Nature hydrogen peroxide 20 volumes in a ratio of:
Normal hair = 1 part dye: 1.5 part oxygen.
Rebellious gray hair = 1 part dye: 1 part oxygenated.
It's important to note that while Nature's ammonia-free dye is a gentler option, it may not provide the same lightening or color penetration capabilities as traditional ammonia dyes. Therefore, if you want significant color changes or drastic lightening, you may need to consider other color options.

SIZE: 100ml