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1988 Born Thuya Professional Line in Barcelona, its first products were the treatments for the care of hands, acrylic nails and nails polishes.
1991 Thuya begins to distribute its products in Spain through its first distributor.
2002 Thuya begins to export its products, the first country to import our products was Argentina.
2006 - 2008 Thuya begins to export its products to China and Rusia.
2010 Born our nail care line with sun protection and the new line of premium acrylic.
2011 We create products gel on-off, the polish permanent for nails.
2012 Excellence is THUYA mission. Thanks to our Laboratory, we can guarantee the quality of products and continue researching new formulas. Our commitment to the future is to keep on growing with you, always offering the best products at the most competitive prices.

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147 Item(s)


147 Item(s)