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Kiepe Nail Manicure Scissors Nº2033 3,5"

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Manicure scissors for cutting nails.

Spread a cotton nail polish remover and proceed to remove the nail polish.
It is important to perform this step even if you do not have your fingernails painted, as this way you can eliminate cream residues or
different products that have been stuck on the nail.
If you have very long nails you can cut them using a good pair of pliers, but it is preferable to file them even if it takes a little more time.
It is very important to file in one direction and not in the form of a saw to avoid damaging the nails.
It is also important to use fine-grained files and preferably non-metallic files.
Once the nails are already filed, you can place a little moisturizer on the cuticles and put the hand in soaking (with the cream) in warm water for about 5 minutes.
I then apply a cuticle remover.
The cuticles do not recommend cutting them, unless they are very grown.
Use a nail cutter, scissors or pliers.
Before the application of the enamel, a cotton should be soaked again with nail polish remover without acetone to leave the nail clean.